• Go Euro : I used this EVERY time I booked my transport within Europe. If you want to travel a lot for a long time you need to be smart about finding the cheapest form of transport, because this is the area I see so many people stupidly blow so much money on just because they didn’t do enough research. Also- don’t just click ‘round trip’ in your search, research the best price to get there and back separately and then compare it to a’ round trip’ deal, because a lot of the time the ‘deals’ won’t be as good as what I find on my own. Go Euro shows you the cheapest flights, buses and trains. Buses are usually the cheapest and I cannot recommend taking an overnight bus enough, as it saves on a night’s accommodation and you get to see some amazing countryside. Euro lines and FLIXBUS are extremely reliable, on time, and more comfortable than a flight with Wi-Fi, TVs, and your own power points to charge your phone.

  • Tripadvisor: Tells you great things to do in any city, with reviews and ratings.
  • Time Out London: I read the hard copy on my way to work and am constantly on their website looking for new restaurants, bars, shows and exhibitions. I trust time out like… with my life.
  • GOOGLE MAPS: tells you the fastest walking route, uber and taxi costs, and the exact forms of transport to take in almost every city. Screenshot screenshot screenshot everything before you leave Wi-Fi!
  • CITY MAPPER: For the London transport system. It is better than Google Maps for London in that it is always up to date with delays and will find you the fastest route around that so that these delays don’t cost you your job and ruin your life forever.
  • Hostelworld: The only site I booked my hostels off. Always read the reviews. What I look for first is location, security, and atmosphere.
  • Air bnb: This is a nice option for accommodation if you are going with a group of friends. Read the reviews and make sure that you clarify if every bed is in fact a bed or rather a couch/blowup mattress/sleepingbag/piece of floor.
  • Lonely Planet: very well researched guide to almost anywhere you want to go