261A2490.jpgI always loved the idea of living in London, and when I finally started to live here I had this overwhelming sense that this was the city I am supposed to live in right now. The fact that it is so close to Europe is a huge contributing factor to my love for this city but it’s also the history, the architecture, the multiculturalism, the art and culture, and the fact there is always something to do. But I’m not going to lie and say it’s all been wonderful, because it hasn’t. London is a bitch. She likes to seduce you with all her wonders and then stab you in the back and slowly twist the knife. In a city that is so crowded, sometimes the feeling of loneliness is unbearable. Generally I love that you have to hussle to survive in this city, but when the homesickness strikes, I can’t believe how cold and cruel this society can actually be. But I am determined to not let her beat me and swallow me up like so many other dreamers before me. I remind myself that these dips are temporary and if you push through it you come out stronger, and a little bit closer to making London your bitch instead.



  • Dishoom (Bombay style restaurant with amazing creative dishes, great service and beautiful interior design)
  • Kingsland Road, Hoxton for heaps of choices of fantastic Vietnamese restaurants (I love Bun Bun Bun, but Que Viet is great too and also BYO)
  • Brick Lane, Shoreditch for seriously amazing Indian restaurants with ridiculously low prices (My fav is Alladin, make sure you haggle like Marlon Brando in the Godfather)
  • Camden Markets
  • Gourmet Burger King


Shoreditch/Hoxton is my favorite place to go out in London. I think it has the most creative bars, best music, and a young eclectic crowd.

  • Queen of Hoxton, Shoreditch (Don’t forget to check out the artsy rooftop bar in the summer
  • Blues Kitchen, Shoreditch (Live blues music every night and turns into a pumping club on weekends with everyone dancing like crazy to old school tunes- keep an eye out for when Atlantic Soul Orchestra plays because the lead guy is literally James Brown re-incarnated)
  • Old Blue Last, Shoreditch (Hosts some of the best live music around for either free or ridiculously low prices, has a really chilled rock n roll vibe.
  • Zigfrid Von Underbelly, Hoxton Square (really innovative interior design and all around cool vibes, great place for dates due to comfy seating arrangements)
  • Loves Company, Shoreditch (the basement has a really cool fairy forest feel with vines crawling up the walls. Service is great but beware of some of the staff members hugely overbearing loud attention seeking personalities. Also a great ambience for dates)
  • The Shoreditch Grind (Great espresso martinis yummaaay)



  • Quarantacinque, Bethnal Green (Cute little Italian coffee shop on your way to the station, seriosuly good tasting coffee but a bit spenny)
  • The Breakfast Club, Hoxton Square (Great atmosphere and great choice of hardy breakfast food, be prepared to wait in line on weekends!)
  • The Pavilion Café, Victoria Park (Ideal Breakfast location by the lake)