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261A1620Most of my travels through Europe I organized with old and new friends but there were some parts that I was turning up to a new city completely alone, not knowing a soul (much to the disapproval of my parents). I know that people say this is dangerous and asking for trouble or just downright lonely but I honestly think it is the most character building experience you can give yourself and I am so proud I had the courage to do it. Not only did I have to learn to be extremely organized and savvy but I also made so many new friends, from all over the world (not just Australian although most of my backpacking friends were, you cant escape us!) who I have kept in contact with a year on and caught up with whenever we are in the same city. I highly recommend doing at least some traveling alone but here’s my advice before you do it:

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trav.jpgThroughout 2015-2016 I traveled around Europe almost continuously and a lot of people have been asking me questions about how I did it. Continue reading “ORGANISING TO TRAVEL FOR A YEAR”

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