I was raised Catholic, born into a very religious family and educated at very religious schools. It’s embarrassing to admit but when this small-town girl moved interstate to study at a creative arts university, I was surprised to discover that many people had been brought up with very different religions and different outlooks on religion in general. Moving to London broadened my horizons even more. I am really interested in religions and have researched into quite a few and now amongst all my youthful confusion I am coming to my own sort of conclusion that I believe there is something out there greater than human. I know I am not alone in thinking the Catholic Church is corrupt but I do believe growing up with this religion has given me a great sense of community and a strong moral compass. At the very least I think faith can be important in helping some people get through tough times… believing there is a stronger force to call to when you have nothing else can give people a sense of comfort and the mental strength to possibly push them through.

Most strongly I believe to not judge in this area, to have respect, and to educate yourself as much as possible before making cruel and sweeping statements about certain beliefs or religion in general.