An app where you choose to engage in conversation with a possible lover by either swiping right (for yes) or left (for no) based on viewing a few photos and a small bio.

It began out of curiosity, wanting to view what was out there and the possibilities that could be available to me. However, I was disappointed to discover that the talent was generally uninspiring, and that I would be swiping right about every 100 left swipes, which can be extremely time consuming and boring. But then… I realized that the guys’ swiping was quite the opposite, and that every right swipe I did almost always got a match. This gives me an instant feeling of gratification, pumping my self worth, and without consciously realizing it I begin a pattern of going on Tinder whenever I’m having a bad moment, to a bunch of a matches and an instant pick-me-up. This is all before I even begin actually conversing with any of my matches.

When I moved to London I found that Tinder dating was really quite common amongst my friends, and being single young and free of any commitments I thought “well why not give it a go myself?’ I’m secretly a romantic, being raised on Disney films and Jane Austin novels, so I definitely am not looking to find the love of my life via Tinder (not the meet-cute I had imagined to tell the kids), but I thought it would be a fun and interesting social experiment. So I started conversing with some of my cyberspace beaus. I soon became disinterested and won over by the boys who I met in real life, but as soon as one of these boys in-the-flesh I was courting began to shows signs of a possible rejection, there I was back on Tinder and securing myself a ‘Tinder date’. That week I had 2 Tinder dates, I met them at a bar (public place in hope that the many surrounding strangers would save me in the case my dates revealed to be a psychopath) and both guys turned out just as I expected and not creepy and weird at all, both dates went well (staying G rated of course mum) and giving me enough of a self confidence boost to go back to chasing the actual guy I wanted. I ignored both lovely Tinder date’s efforts to meet again as I had selfishly gained all I needed from them, and that’s my bitches guide to Tinder.

Later this year, when I was once again feeling rejected by the boy I actually liked, I secured myself another Tinder date with a perfectly nice boy who I selfishly used to give me a little confidence boost and then ignored from then on.

The reality about Tinder is that everyone is using it for different purposes and I know that I am not alone in being a girl who uses it simply for a confidence boost. My advice, if you are going to use it, is to be clear about what you are looking for and to ask what your matches  are looking for too, because you don’t want to get wound up with a selfish user like me if you are looking for ‘the one’, or with someone who is just looking for casual hookups if you are only DTD (down to date).