261A1920.jpgWell… I thought I wanted to be a performer, hence the life of music, singing, acting and dance lessons, followed by the Musical Theatre degree. But now I’m in London, where it’s all happening and I’m hardly even getting auditions let alone the actual jobs! Well not auditions for the gritty acting/political theatre/tear-jerking ballad stuff that I want, it’s all tits and ass stuff where you’re required to wear drag-queen makeup, fake tan every visible inch of your body (which should be practically everything) and sing Whitney Houston hits (NO SAD SONGS ALLOWED) like you’re high, and if you fail to comply YOU WILL BE CUT. What am I doing? And why will nobody give me a chance!? It is such a cruel industry and yet I love it so damn much.

My roommate is the only person who will actually hear me sing more than 16 bars and that is because he has no choice as he lives here. He tells me I have a great voice, which is promising and very reassuring. I still haven’t quite figured out if he is gay or straight but if it’s the latter his encouragement is definitely increasing his chances of sleeping with me