261A1647.jpgLast week I got fired. I have never been fired before. And it was from a waitressing job, not like a special, head supervisor, managerial, backflip performing waitress job. Just a waitress.
I thought it would be an easy brainless job to do while I focus on my creative pursuits and attaining my dream job, while making new friends. I always imagined that getting fired from an entry level job like this would have to mean you were doing some serious in house drug-dealing or sexually harassing people, but I am a really good employee- I always arrive early, I present well, I am nice to everyone, I work hard??? I HAVE A DEGREE! Sure it might be in the arts, but I did well in high school… what I am realizing is that my mum was entirely wrong when she said I could do anything I put my mind to. What I will tell my offspring is that you should try your best at everything you do, but inevitably you will find out that there are some things you are good at and with hard work you can be great at, and there are some things you will suck at. But that’s ok because there is someone out there who is going to be great at those things you suck at and that is how society continues to function. In the end this bigheaded private school girl learnt a valuable lesson.